These essays were written while studying Theory of Art and Design at Monash University. Art always reflects society, even if it is often in hindsight that connections can be made. I find these connections fascinating.


*Janine Good Research Essay 1

Is Painting Dead? October 2000

Painting is and will always remain a valid form of

expression. Its good for the soul.

I chose this topic to research because I felt that I was always

having to defend the fact that I wanted to paint when it was

considered out of date. I looked at how Abstract Expressionism

can appeal to our subconscious if we allow ourselves to

contemplate the imagery. I have given some of the reasons I

believe that painting is still and will always be a form of human expression despite fashions within the marketplace.

After seeing the Werner Hertzog film Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Herzog, Werner, Director, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Documentary film Distributed by IFC Films 2010.) about the discovery of hidden cave paintings in France that depict the animals of prehistoric times in such vivid detail, my views about the validity of painting were strengthened. This film made me feel that to paint was to be practicing a tradition that has endured since the beginning of human society. It is a form of expression humans of all cultures have felt a strong desire for. I’ve always wondered why that is? Pictures were probably the first way humans communicated.

I guess my reason for questioning is because I’ve always had an unexplainable desire to paint and wonder where that comes from.

*Janine Good Research Essay 2

Where are the great Australian woman

Landscape artists? May 2001

In Australian art what role have women played in

shaping perceptions of identity through landscape

imagery in the second half of the 20th century?

For the second essay “Where are the great Australian women

landscape artists?”, I became very passionate about women’s

art after discovering some revealing statistics. In this essay

I made some interesting connections between Australian

music and art in the 80s.

Terry Winter, Free Union, 1983

Featured in ‘Is Painting Dead’ Essay 1

Shay Docking, Harvest Moon and Tree Serpent Goddess, 1978

Featured  in Essay 2

*Janine Good Research Essay 3

Two Traditions of Australian Aboriginal Art.

August 2001

Compare and contrast the formal and contextual logic

in two traditions of Australian Aboriginal art: ‘tradition

style’ art of Arnhem Land and urban Aboriginal art,

specifically that of Lin Onus.


I have always admired Aboriginal art and was particularly

interested to research the connection between urban and

traditional forms of Aboriginal art.

Lin Onus’s art builds a bridge between Indigenous and Western art using humour to deliver a serious message. I learnt so much about Aboriginal culture from this research.

Lin Onus, Barmah Forest, 1994

Featured in Essay 3

*Janine Good Research Essay 4

Artists as Genius of their culture.

October 2001

Artists create nothing, they are merely mediums

for the ‘Genius’ of their culture.

Discuss in relation to Australian Aboriginal Art.

In the fourth essay I wanted to look at how Aboriginal

art fits into the context of the Western idea of art.

I look at the expressive work of Emily Kame Kngwarreye and discover that part of its appeal is that is doesn’t try to fit into any Western ideology but her creativity remains universal.

Emily Kame Kngwarreye, My Country, 1995

Featured in Essay 4