Welcome to My World

They say “the devil is in the detail”, that somehow the detail is problematic or has some hidden evil, but for me attention to detail is what fascinates me.

‘Detail in art’ can be defined in limitless ways. It can be the detail of how light plays across a leaf; of how a slightly raised eyebrow or lifted corner of the mouth can so profoundly change the emotion of facial expression; how a colour can look so alive next to another; or how the detail of a glance from one figure to another across a space can create both connection and tension.

The ‘detail’ can refer to qualities of paint like how paint flows and merges or appears rough and dragged or smooth and defined. A painting can be transformed by the detail of an edge and how it fits with the whole work.

Art and painting have been my life’s passion and pursuit for more than four decades and these are all subjects I have explored. What I love about painting is the illusion. This is a 2-dimensional object that can contain such a “world” of intrigue and emotion, sometimes due to the imagery but also sometimes due to the way the paint is applied to the surface and how the colours illuminate the picture space.

 Janine Good 2022