Hidden Narrative - Solo Exhibition

- Kingston Arts Centre, Moorabbin October 15 to November 3

Space divided in half shared with Jeremy Elkington with his surreal landscape paintings.

The exhibition was well received indicated by the visitors comments.


Janine Good’s paintings reflect her interest in the interplay between micro elements found in the landscape and macro views of the landscape as a whole. She utilises scarred and imperfect surfaces of natural forms such as bark, seeds, leaves, insects, extracting a kind of natural graffiti of marks. Through improvised layering of paint, she assembles the imagery to create visually tactile compositions, instilled with narrative of a personal journey. These richly colourful explorations capture a timeless quality present in the Australian landscape similar to the way an opal preserves the Australian light.  Her paintings offer a beautiful insight and awareness of the landscape while celebrating the delicate yet chaotic intricacies of the natural world.

14 Artworks, 9 Exhibition images